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Cooling Tower Components and Options

CTD offers many high quality options and components on all new cooling towers. Many of these components may be retrofitted to your existing cooling towers to extend their life or enhance their performance.

Spare Parts

Cooling Tower Depot is a leading global supplier of cooling tower parts and components. Our online parts warehouse is recognized as the most comprehensive cooling tower parts selection available online. Our printed catalog is available free of charge and contains specifications, drawings and prices for thousands of cooling tower parts as well as useful reference materials including a psychrometric chart, wet bulb temperature guide and more. The catalog is updated regularly with new parts added in each edition.

We have the spare parts you need no matter which company built your cooling tower. From gearboxes and fans to nuts and bolts, you've come to the right place.

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Mechanical Walkways

Mechanical walkways allow personnel safe access to critical components inside the fan stack including the gearbox, fan hub, fan blades, driveshaft and torque tube. Access walkways and handrails are made from durable non-corrosive FRP.

The surfcace of a mechanical walkway is removed when not in use. This ensures that airflow is uninterrupted and cooling efficiency is not compromised.

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Enclosed Stair Towers

Enclosed stair towers shield personnel from harsh weather and ensure safe, uninterrupted access to the fan deck and mechanical components year round.

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Fan Deck Options

CTD offers a variety of fandeck options including:

  • Non-Skid FRP Decking Material
  • Non-Skid Epoxy Coatings
  • FRP Fan Deck Overlays
  • Tongue & Groove Fan Deck Material
  • Fan Deck Covers

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Fire Protection Systems

Each Fire Protection Package is customized for your cooling tower.  Please call customer service or contact us to discuss your fire protection requirements.

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Lightning Protection Systems

Lightning protection systems extend the longevity of your cooling towers and are an excellent hedge against unplanned repair expenditures.

CTD will design and install a lightning protection system for your new or pre-existing cooling tower regardless of manufacturer.

Please call customer service for replacement parts or firm quotes on complete lightning protection systems for your application.

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Mechanical Davits

Davits are an option that can easily pay for themselves. Lift replacement gearboxes, fan blades or other needed components to the fan deck without having to arrange for a crane. Safely lower retired equipment as well. All davit systems include rail, track and dolly.

Prices start at $5,879.00.

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Hot Water Deck Covers

An exposed hot water deck allows organic matter entry to your cooling tower where it can clog fill, drift eliminators and basin pumps reducing cooling efficiency and increasing maintenance and repair costs.

A deck cover eliminates these issues lowering your overal cost of owning and operating your cooling tower through reduced need for cleaning, component replacement and labor.

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Access & Escape Ladders

Access and escape ladders may be constructed from FRP, hot dip galvanized (HDG) steel or pressure treated douglas fir or redwood lumber.

Ladders are priced per vertical foot.

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Plume Abatement

Plume abatement systems greatly reduce the amount of water vapor, or "plume", that drifts from the top of your cooling tower. In cold conditions, plume can freeze on nearby buildings, vehicles and equipment. Plume can also be perceived as pollution by the public. Plume abatement systems can be a useful application in arid environments where water conservation is a priority.

CTD will design and install a Custom Plume Abatement System for your new or existing cooling tower for applications using either hot water source or steam coils. Please call customer service or contact us for your specific application.

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Water Noise Attenuators

Water noise attenuators are useful when walkways or sidewalks bring employees or the public in close proximity to an operating cooling tower.

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Wet-Down Systems

If your tower (or a portion thereof) is going to remain in a non-operational state for an extended period, structural members made of wood may be subject to increased rate of decay due to rot.

A wet-down system periodically sprays the cooling tower's internal structural members keeping them wet, preventing dry rot and extending time between repairs.

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